About Us         


Houseaboutus® is a Michigan Company founded by Sherman L. Dantzler as part of SD Lowry Real Estate Exchange.

Mr. Dantzler is a retired GRI commercial and residential sales agent who sold real estate from 1989 to 1997. He continues to assist current agents, organizations and individuals across the United States as a consultant.

Because we cannot be everywhere all the time, we created the Houseaboutus® website to collect, organize and contribute free information for buyers and sellers.  We do not replace real estate agents or attorneys for legal advice.

We do not sell 'real  property' or participate in legal transactions.  We are consultants who help buyers and sellers help themselves.  We are not affiliated with any real estate company.  We are a subsidiary of the SD Lowry Corporation and if you need real estate help the only question is Houseaboutus  (pronounced How's About Us?). For our services please Email us at  Houseaboutus

Thank you

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